Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Day Out with the Austin Bloggers

What a great day for a road trip! Some of the Austin garden bloggers took a road trip to visit the San Antonio Botanical Garden. It was a beautiful day to walk around the garden and look at all the wonderful plants that grow so well in San Antonio. We also had a great tour of Madrone Nursery that focuses on native plants for Texas. We had the whole place to ourselves because it was by appointment only. Lastly, we went to the Antique Rose Emporium where I was in awe over the variety of roses.

Cyperus papyrus

Today, when I looked at the other Austin blogs, who attended this trip, I was amazed at how collectively we captured a beautiful garden with all our photos. Each one with a different point of view.

I enjoyed looking at all the unfamiliar and familiar plants. I especially loved all the different color combinations.

Unfortunately, all the water features were turned off because of the drought. However, I thought they were still pretty to look at with the lush green background.

Here is a familiar one...Penta.

Phillipine Violet
Barleria cristata

This one really caught my eye and I am going to add some to my garden.

The garden had wide, open areas and areas with shade.

There was plenty of wildlife to watch at the garden. These mallards came up to say hello and take a look around.

There was an area dedicated to cacti and succulents.

Plants from desert regions to rainforests were housed in individual glass buildings with a climate controlled environment.
In the center of the buildings was a courtyard with a tropical lagoon.

Overall, it was a great day. I think we all had a good time sharing what we all have in common .... a love of gardening!


Bob said...

I think I have read all the different posts on your trip now. While there was a definite difference in your perspectives it was evident that many of you gravitated to the same plants, displays and color combos. As it turns out, after looking at all the fine pictures, I liked the plants that the most pictures were taken of as well. I don't know what it means except Austin area gardeners may have similar likes.

Pam/Digging said...

Thanks for joining us, Amy. It was so nice to get to know you in person after reading your blog. I enjoyed seeing your perspective on the gardens too.

Mother Nature said...

It is great to see the garden from your point of view. I visited this garden a few years ago. I bought a pink brugmansia there. I love to bring home plant souveniers.

Diana said...

Amy - you captured several beautiful plants and scenes that I didn't -- I like your view of the water by the conservatory and that perky penta. I missed several of the bugs/statues, too, so was glad to see them here. It was fun riding in the car together so we got to talk and visit. Have a good week!

Lancashire rose said...

Enjoyed visiting the garden with you again and seeing what caught your eye. You will love the Philippine violet. It is such a fuss free plant and brings incredible color to the garden in the fall. I think it does better in sun but also appears to grow in some shade. I am going to try and strike some cuttings from my purple one.

Amy said...

Bob, you are right and I think the red euphorbia was very popular.

Hi, Pam. I have enjoyed looking at everyone's post and the assortment of views. We were like the paparazzi at the Botanical Garden. :)

Mother Nature - You are right...bringing home little souvenirs was definitely a highlight!

Hi, Diana - I enjoyed your post, as well. When is the next trip? :)

Hi, Jenny - I'm glad I bought that Philippine violet and that it is fuss free...those are my favorite. It was a great day!

Meredith said...

It was delightful getting to know so many people whose blogs I frequent every day. It's true, we did all gravitate to many of the same plants and features, didn't we? Great post, Amy.

Amy said...

Hi, Meredith - Yes, we did. I can't wait to plant my new additions. You got some great is a little rainy.

azplantlady said...

What a beautiful garden! I have always wanted to visit Austin, but now, even more so since I have been reading your blog.

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Amy,

I'm still working through the posts - and trying to imagine everyone zooming between garden areas, calling each other over to check out one great plant after another... must have looked like a colorful Flock of paparazzi! You caught some lovely views.

I bought my first Philippine Violet in 2004 and agree with Jenny that you will like it! It dies to the ground most winters in my part of Austin, but has returned every spring.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Linda/patchwork said...

Hi, Amy,
Thanks for another point of view on your fun field trip.
I like that Philippine violet, too. Hope if I find one, it will do well in some shade. That's what I have in my fenced yard. Not sure the deer would leave it alone.
Thanks again...

Amy said...

Hi, Noelle - Since we grow a lot of the same plants, I bet you would love it. It was my first time to the Rose Emporium and it was well worth the visit. They have other perennials as well.

Annie - It was like... the paparazzi meet the botanical garden! Thanks, Annie.

Linda - From what I was told it should do well with a little shade. I'm not sure about the deer. I have never had to deal with that situation...just bunnies. Thanks for visiting.

Rosey Pollen said...

I knew I shouldn't look at this blog because it would cause huge amounts of envy. But... I couldn't resist! I love the fountains, too bad they are having a drought. Let's hope it ends soon. I like the succulents you captured as well.

Amy said...

Hi, Rosey and I'm glad you did visit. We have been getting rain and need a lot more. You posted some pretty pics on your blog!

Gail said...

You lucky garden blogger! TN has wonderful bloggers, but we all live too far apart to plan a caravan trip! Your photos are delightful~~love the succulent, don't they have beautiful form! gail

Amy said...

Gail - I know! It is nice to have a group of bloggers to go garden watching. Succulents have really "grown" on me...oh, that was bad...sorry! Thanks for visiting.

barbara wise said...

Loved coming across your blogsite! Great pictures, friendly dialog - I look forward to reading more. The company I work for, Southern Land Company, has a new development in Austin that I hope to visit soon and check out the horticultural world there.

Amy said...

Barbara Wise - Hi, I'm glad you found my blog. When we moved to Austin I really got "hooked" on gardening because of the variety of plants I could grow. Thanks for your kind words. :)

Caroline said...

I got a Philippine Violet too and it already has a blossom. Your photo of the mallards is wonderful -- mine were all blurry. What a great day we had! Hope to see you again soon.

Amy said...

Caroline - Thanks...It was a fun day!

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