Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sustainable Living...Stay Green!

What can we do to help our Earth stay green and not compromise the needs of future generations? 
Go native!  Planting native and adapted plants for your area has many benefits.   First of all, I have found that the term native is such a simple word yet quite hard to define.  There are so many interpretations and specifics which vary.  However, what I do know is that they are proven successful for our region and thrive in our environment with little or no intervention from us. 

So, how do these native and adapted plants help us keep our world green?  For one, once established they are mostly drought tolerant and can beat the heat in Texas.  Our water supply is precious and we need to conserve what we have available.  Second, these plants provide a natural habitat and an ideal place to have a balanced ecosystem.  These plants will attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife.  Next, the less stress your garden is under the less you will need to control pests.  Natives are less susceptible to pest and disease.  All around, they are just easier to maintain in your landscape.  In addition, they are less likely to become invasive.  They will save you money and time. 

You can pick up a copy of Native and Adapted Landscape Plants at your local nursery.  It is an earthwise guide for Central Texas gardening.  It is an excellent guide for photos and information on plants that love this area.  For additional earthwise landscaping information and plant database, visit  Grow Green

A landscape that has native and adapted plants can be beautiful.  They can be as structured and neat and tidy as you want your garden to be designed.  I believe the best way to have a successful garden is to plant the plants that love our area and conditions.  However, I will not deprive myself of a plant just because it is not native or adapted.  If I like a plant, I will give it a try.  However, I do know that planting native and adapted gives me a better chance to have a thriving garden that is balanced.

There are many ways to help our Earth stay green and I have touched on a couple.  Planting native and adapted plants is an easy way to not only have a beautiful garden but also conserve our natural resources and protect us and the world in which we live. 

Here are some plants that love Texas...

Thank you Jan from Thanks for Today for starting Garden Bloggers Sustainable Living Project in recognition of Earth Day which is April 22nd!